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Welcome to Missy May's World! 
This is the house of simplicity, positivity and low budgetMy name is Mavis and a mother of one handsome attention seeker. I'm an Austrian born Ghanaian who lives in the UK I'm a Broadcast Media Technology graduand who works as a Freelance Videographer/Photograher at events and also a Teacher.

MISSY MAY'S WORLD is a Life and Style blog. It is a platform to learn, share and to be inspired. Aside sharing my day 2 day outfits (#ootds), I also share everything that catches my interest. When it comes to #fashion, I ain't no expert - I just do me, because I believe style is all about individuality. Being a woman with enough body, I wear clothes that feels comfortable and compliments my body type. One word to describe my style is Simple-Chic!
This blog might not meet your expectations or I might not be the greatest writer or greatest blogger -but one thing is guaranteed, that we can inspire or learn from each other. So yea hope we become blog buddies and collaborate

Please feel free to hit me up for collaborations, add me to your circle or just say Hi. I'll always reply to your enquiries and will sure add you back. 
Thank you... 

Email: missymayification.blog@gmail.com



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